Franshesco M Virán

Im, an altruist designer who helps start-ups and established businesses exceed their goals delivering memorable design themes, visual identity, branding concepts, UX, and compelling marketing collateral.

I am skilled in delivering strategic discovery and direction in interpreting and producing graphic designs and visual communication materials for print and digital platforms.

I am technically proficient in using a wide range of analogue/digital tools, technologies, platforms, and HTML5 and CSS coding languages.

My expertise encompasses providing cradle-to-grave supervision of product design and branding projects to ensure completion within time, scope, and budget limitations—also talented in facilitating the development of trade shows or events that support launches and other marketing initiatives.

I possess reliable communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills, along with an ability to interact well with customers using an empathetic approach.


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Led the development and delivery of visual identity design and packaging for Viva Pen and prepared effective event booth designs for company’s gifts fairs organised at various locations, including Hamburg Germany, China Canton, and Hong Kong in 2018 and 2019.

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Developed new brands; NY Cocktails and Kangaroo Springs from inception to successful execution for hot shots as well as produced and delivered creative, high-quality designs for renowned brands; Disney, Universal, WB, Mattel, Moose, Nickelodeon, Jack Daniel’s, AFL, NRL, & Guinness.

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2018 – Awarded WB Bugs Bunny Statue of recognition in outstanding animation partnership Scooby–Doo art and packaging in consumer goods work for Hot-Shots

2012 – Won Australia's best Live Latin Band Competition singing original songs with Latin band San Lázaro.

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Post Graduate Degree in
UX & Web Design Systems. Billy Blue College of Design, Torrens University.
– UI Design, CX Design Strategy, and Advanced Product Development with RMIT Melbourne Australia.

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Supported successful execution of Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce range at the Fine Food Australia Fair 2017 organised in Docklands, Melbourne by managing all aspects of launch from inception to completion.

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APRA Full Member

Active and recognised singer-songwriter with the Australasian Performing Rights Association. Member since 16th November 2006. Have recorded four music albums to the date. www.sanlazaro.com.au


“Franshesco is great person to work with. We have many years behind on professional level and he worked with me on numerous creative projects.
I would recommend him to any company as he has great experience in this industry and awesome attitude.”
Goran copy
Goran Dojinovic
Graphic Design Manager - Photographer
"Franshesco is talented designer and it's always a pleasure working with him.
He is also a passionate and gifted musician. I am constantly amazed by his hard work and commitment to his craft. It's great to see all of his hard work paying off."
Brett Nelson
Brett Nelson
Senior Graphic Designer at Moose Toys
"Franshesco is a very creative and proficient graphic designer.
He has a special ability to balance design requirements with client's expectations so he can project the
right image for any business when
it comes to marketing collateral.”
Rodrigo Ramirez copy
Rodrigo Ramirez
Property Manager, Civil Engineer

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