Marketing Strategy 1 on 1

Not very often comes the dreaded time when we find ourselves at the mercy of who we are and whether the service we provide as web developers and designers is at par with modern standards of design and current technologies. This such time is when we have to design for ourselves when we as designers become the brand. So the question arises, how do we market ourselves, what qualities should we bring forward and the etheric matter behind any design problem, the why.

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My WP plugins choice

When creating websites in the CMS Word Press, we have to take into account the inevitable use of plugins. These allow our sites to have more excellent and ample functionality outside what it comes in the box with the CMS. However, we have to tread carefully and spend the time and money that goes with the research onto this technology when it comes to plugins choice used on our WordPress.

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SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy should be at the chore of any website. Whether you are selling a product or service, or wanting to build an audience through art, music, recipes, poetry, science or just through blogs, you might want people to be able to find you easily online.

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As a User Experience designer and developer graduate, we must find our voice and angle when tackling the real professional world right after finishing or degree. The opportunities are endless one is to join a reputable non-per-profit organisation to endure a few placement months doing volunteer work or land a job as an intern and hope for promotion. The other reflection is to put ourselves out there and see if we have what it takes to go on as a freelancer solopreneur.

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