Marketing Strategy 1 on 1

How do you plan to market yourself on this website? Outline in point form an interdisciplinary marketing strategy which could include online digital, design, traditional media, SEO, advertising and professional development approaches suitable for business advancement. (300 words)

When designing for clients on the web, we are always looking for that fit all globe to accommodate different case scenarios in which we could derive to, we always strive to account at least a couple of discovery sessions with our clients to establish a marketing plan, a guide, a map. Not very often comes the dreaded time when we find ourselves at the mercy of who we are and whether the service we provide as web developers and designers is at par with modern standards of design and current technologies. This such time is when we have to design for ourselves when we as designers become the brand. So the question arises, how do we market ourselves, what qualities should we bring forward and the etheric matter behind any design problem, the why.

The marketing strategy of servicing a niche market

start up

Why do I want to market my self? I think of instead selling oneself is better and more effective to market the vision of the beholder. I have always been a firm believer that value is at the centre of the most precious and sought after commodity in any market. So I want to market my self as a well-versed UX and brand consultant. Throughout an extensive career as a graphic designer and brand specialist; I have concluded at expertise combined with recently acquired web technology knowledge. Therefore I can now offer my clients and emerging brands a voice for their businesses to be heard loud and clear in the ever noise of the frantic current digital market.

I plan to service already established organisations but mainly to focus on a niche market which is a start-up business, individual or service that might need to plant their brand within their respective fans, followers, clients or customers.

These services provide:
Logo Design: I can offer the manufacture and development of a distinctive mark that will be simple, aesthetic and memorable, I can deliver this combining traditional analogue illustration with digitally manipulated graphics.

Branding: I can offer a cohesive look across any range of services and product of a particular look and feel marrying all aspects of marketing from print paraphernalia to all digital channels.

Website Design: I also offer my clients an ongoing service which aligns with previous work created for them in the digital realm of the internet: website design, direct email marketing, high sales ticket funnels, social media and eCommerce integrations. Services and ongoing plans can also be on the proposal to attain maintenance, support, eCommerce and Seo. I can also offer secure hosting through UDS Unique Design Systems in Oakleigh A web hosting partner company.

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